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04:40 AM | Sat, 10 Dec 2016

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Notion Press' Accelerator Program Turns Authorpreneurs Out of Authors

358 Days ago

Business Wire India
If writing a book is an uphill task, marketing it is jumping straight into the abyss. Traditionally, writers were storytellers whose work wouldn’t extend beyond creating a manuscript and leaving it all onto the publisher. Times have changed, and now writers need to span their creative fuel from ideating the plot till helping the book reach an audience.
In the digital age, where everything extends between 0 and 1, keeping patience for traditionally publishing a book is too much to ask for. Major publishing houses still take months to review before deciding whether the work is worthy for print or not. To add to it, they charge heft royalty and sales cuts. And that’s few of the reasons why self-publishing is catching on like a literary trend.
But with self-publishing becoming the preferred choice of many new authors, the road has become lonelier than ever. In traditional publishing, writers don’t have to bear the burden of editing, book design, placing the book on shelves etc, but a self-published writer is responsible for coming up with an interesting story as well as an effective way of marketing and selling it, while controlling the purse strings.
On this journey, a company like Notion Press can lead the way. A Chennai based self-publishing start-up, it makes sure a writer centres most of his energy penning down his work. Through their specialized publishing packages, writers can lead on getting their books edited, printed, designed and marketed on various platforms along with special features like making video trailers.
What makes Notion Press really stand out, though, is their Accelerator program. A feature that suggests, “Your book is your start-up and you are its CEO,” Accelerator acts just like a start-up accelerator. To be eligible for the program, a book should have sold at least 300 copies through Notion Press’ sales channel and received at least 30 positive reviews on it as well as on other channels such as Flipkart, Amazon etc.
On applying for the program, Notion Press reviews the work and its growth potential. If selected, the writer gets 70% royalty from the sale proceeds, and a marketing fund worth Rs 1 Lakh. Marketing experts join in to explore all feasible channels to promote the work. Through book repositioning based on feedback and growth hacking strategies, the published work receives unprecedented exposure. Notion Press also unlocks retail distribution channels like bookstores and libraries to open the doorways further.
Budding authors need more than mere literary recognition and Notion Press definitely gives them an edge with their Accelerator Program to be a true-blue Authorpreneur, and exude authorship and entrepreneurship skills.

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