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04:41 AM | Sat, 10 Dec 2016

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It’s Raining Cakes in Chennai – Cake Mall Menu has 4000+ Products in the Menu..

289 Days ago

Business Wire India
Cake Mall, a popular online confectionary, has steadily become the talk of the town for its exhaustive menu and innovative tie-ups. The Chennai-based online portal has meticulously and carefully chosen its items and added them to facilitate the customers. The portal has currently listed close to 700 products in its menu and set to add more items over the foreseeable future. The company has prepared the most extensive catalogue in the country, offering over 4000 different types of cakes. A single look at the company’s website and it is evident that there are cakes for every occasion and requirement.

The company philosophy, as communicated by the Founder & CEO Anand Vaidhyanathan is quite interesting.  According to him, “The Company focuses on ensuring that it has a great menu and thus keeps updating it regularly. The company also focuses on the customized cakes market and thus has carved out a strong position in this niche area”. He further adds that 60% of the cake requests the company gets are customized ones and this has made them to include best chefs in the industry on its panel. The products engineering team seems to work consistently on adding new products and keep the customers happy.

Cake Mall is like no other confectionary as it truly understands the customers and realizes that it is not just the cake, but the feelings that come with it that matter the most. In line with this philosophy, Cake Mall attempts to provide value-added services to its customers. For instance they have introduced several packages based on celebrations and they could be one stop solution for all baked items. For instance Cake Mall Birthday package consist of combination of items such as cakes, samosas, puffs, rolls, return gifts etc. 

Another interesting factor about Cake Mall is the innovative tie-up that they establish with their potential partners. For instance Cake Mall tied up with prominent restaurants during Valentine’s Day and offered their customers Candle light dinner and couple spa.  For this Women’s day they are planning to include a stylish women wrist watch as a Gift item along with cake, homemade chocolates & flower at unbelievable price. They have finalized the deal with the leading wrist watch manufacturer already.  
One of the most interesting things about Cake Mall is level of efficiency and effectiveness that it has in its operations. Since cakes are perishable goods, the company needs to deliver fresh products on time and this requires a great deal of planning and effort. This is one of the areas where the upper management of the company is working hard and has placed a great deal of emphasis. The company philosophy points out logistical perfection as a key focus area for the firm. The Company’s COO Visveshwaran Ganesh points out that their success lies on the logistics and the company are trying out few interesting strategies to meet the challenges. He further adds that they are in talks with few creditable partners which might be game changer for them.

The company unearths an interesting strategy that works on their favour. Since they do not manage any stock and most of their orders are in advance, they are able to cater different variety without any hassles.  However they do have fixed menu for immediate delivery.
The key to success behind this philosophy of quality and service is the fact that Cake Mall has qualified chefs and experts on its panel who provide invaluable advice on how to make its products the best in quality.

Cake Mall already has had over 25000+ customers and the customer base is continuing to expand at an exponential rate.

About Cake Mall:

Cake Mall was set up in 2014 in Chennai. It has more than 25000 customers and consistently receives great reviews from its customers. It is currently operating in three cities; Chennai, Coimbatore, and Pune. With a philosophical focus on lean management, Cake Mall intends to become the country’s largest confectionary and plans to expand into other cities soon. 

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